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Aulick Industries

Asphalt Box


The Asphalt Box is ideal for spread work and hauling everything from sand to small debris.


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Features and 'Specs'

Sizes ranging from 10ft to 24ft length

  • HD steel gravity swing style gate with pivots at top and bottom for reverse operation with chain adjustment for spreading or to lay gate down.
  • 42” side height with 94” width inside. Has the capacity of 1.02 cubic yard per foot
  • Steel Board support for height extensions
  • HD 3/16” Steel floor & sides with the Aulick rib bend full length, 3x3x3/16” top rail perimeter,
  • 4x4x3/16” tubular base perimeter, 3” channel cross members, 8” channel Frame run sills,
  • Integrated air-cylinder gate latch.
  • Full Cab guard
  • Integrated side ladder
  • 30 Ton Hydraulic lift cylinder
  • Pneumatic Hydraulic valve for lift cylinder.
  • Pneumatic Air-cylinder gate latch
  • Electric front to rear “Shurco Armatic” tarp system
  • Valspar Industrial paint



Asphalt Box with Edits
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