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The AULcart eliminates the need for trucks in the field. This is a big advantage when harvesting in muddy, poor conditions. You can harvest with less stress on equipment and personnel! It is easy to maneuver and has a quick cycle time.

The AULcart is no light weight! It weighs 16,000 lbs empty. It's built strong for years of dependable, heavy duty use. The Dump Cart has Heavy Duty Roller Bearings at the top and bottom of the sides to ensure smooth cycling. The AULcart also has greaseable pivot pins and bearings.

Dump Carts are also available for Rent.

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Features and 'Specs'

  • Reliable & Easy to Operate

  • Gentle Unloading of All Agricultural Products

  • 40,000 lb Lifting Capacity

  • 25 Cubic Yard Capacity

  • 2 Circuit Hydraulic Control:

    • Lift & Tilt Operations Independent from Each Other

    • Enables "Feathering" of Ag Product out of Dump Cart

  • Quick Cycle Time

  • Left or Right Dump Quick Change Option

  • Heavy Duty Landing Gear on Drawbar

  • Low Maintenance

  • Lubricated Pins and Rollers

  • Very Maneuverable yet Very Stable

We can customize a Dump Cart for you!!

Dump Cart 2
Dump Cart details side
Dump Cart details front
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