Aultimate Belt Trailer

Aultimate Belt Trailer

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Our Aultimate Belt Trailer is specifically designed for easy loading, hauling, and easy unloading of any agricultural commodity.  Our self-unloading belt trailers work effortlessly to unload any bulk commodity product.  The industry-unique interior design with a full-length plastic side liner allows you to easily unload any farm products.  All belt trailers are fully steel constructed.  Aultimates have many options available to customize a trailer to best suit any of your unique needs. These durable Aultimate belt trailers are built with proven quality workmanship and pride in the U.S.A.

Any trailer in our inventory is also available for RENT!

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Features and 'Specs'

  • 54" Belt
  • Bolt-on 5th wheel
  • Eskridge Gear Drive #9, 130,000 inch-lb torque, 18,000 pound radial load
  • 2-15/16" diameter rear driveshaft, with weld-on sprockets and splined hub
  • The top hinge hydraulic main gate is 41" above the top of the trailer when open
  • A plastic floor liner is UHMW 3/8" thick, full width
  • Plastic Sideliner is one piece of HMW 3/16" thick, trailer is fully lined
  • Extended rear discharge with wings on the rear of the trailer
  • Hydraulic pressure line filter with replaceable element
  • Mechanical latch on the rear gate (operates with knife gate)
  • The hydraulic control valve, flow control, and pressure gauge are mounted at the left rear
  • Main Frame Rails are one-piece, full-length steel 10" I-beam
  • Sides of the trailer only have one seam
  • Optional Side-sheeting
  • Front and Rear Fenders
  • 50,000 lb landing gear
  • Haldex ABS - 2S/1M anti-lock brake system
  • 11x22.5 radials on 10 bolt hub pilot rims
  • Hendrickson Intraax air ride suspension with Haldex quick-acting leveling valve
  • Various axle combinations available
  • Shur-loc roll tarp
  • DOT lighting and reflective tape
  • Other options available
Aulick Aultimate Belt Trailer
Aulick Industries Aultimate Belt Trailer
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