Aultralite Belt Trailer

Aultralite Belt Trailer

Aulick Industries proudly manufactures an Aultralite Belt Trailer that offers fuel efficiency and maximum payload. Aultralites are built to very high Aulick standards and are the lightest trailers we offer.  All of the belt components and controls are identical to the other models we offer and have been proven reliable with years of use and development in real-world Ag transportation. They require very little maintenance and they are very safe to operate. Click here to find out more about our Belt Trailer Rentals. Contact Us today and put an Aultralite to the test.

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Features & 'Specs'

  • 54-inch belt width - 88HD chain
  • 2 ply belt flaps full width of the trailer floor
  • Bolt-on 5th wheel plate
  • Hydraulic Gear drive 130,000 in-lb, 18,000 pound radial load
  • 2 15/16" rear driveshaft, with weld-on sprockets and weld on the splined hub
  • Top hinge hydraulic main gate, with center knife gate and cylinder locks, 30" clearance above the top rail
  • A floor liner is 1/4" thick UHMW plastic
  • Sides fully lined with 3/16" HMW plastic all the way to the top
  • Extended rear discharge with wings on the rear of the trailer
  • Hydraulic pressure line filter, manual or electric control valve
  • Hydraulic floor speed control
  • 50,000 lb landing gear
  • ABS brake system
  • 11 x 22.5 on 10 bolt hub pilot aluminum rims
  • Hendrickson Intraax Air ride suspension with 25,000 lb axles
  • Various axle combinations available
  • Shur-Loc roll tarp
  • D.O.T. lighting, Reflective tape
Aultralite Belt Trailer with Tarp
Aultralite Dec
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