Auluminator Belt Trailer

Auluminator Belt Trailer

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Aulick Industries manufactures an Aluminum, lightweight, yet strong and durable belt trailer we call the Auluminator. It is ideal for Ag Transportation as it is easy to maneuver in and out of the field. When searching for a trailer with maximum potential and a sleek clean appearance, look no further than our Auluminator Belt Trailer.  All specifications on our trailer have been designed and tested for optimum performance in handling any agricultural commodity. 

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Features & 'Specs'

  • 2 ply belt flaps full width of the trailer floor
  • Bolt-on 5th wheel plate
  • Hydraulic Gear drive 130,000 in-lb, 18,000 pound radial load
  • 2 15/16" rear driveshaft, with weld-on sprockets and weld on the splined hub
  • Top hinge hydraulic main gate, with center knife gate and cylinder locks, 12" clearance above the top rail
  • A floor liner is 3/8" thick UHMW plastic
  • Sides fully lined with 3/16" HMW plastic all the way to the top
  • Extended rear discharge with wings on the rear of the trailer
  • Hydraulic pressure line filter, manual or electric control valve
  • Hydraulic floor speed control
  • Side and slope sheets are post and hat riveted aluminum construction
  • 50,000 lb landing gear
  • ABS brake system
  • 11 x 22.5 on 10 bolt hub pilot aluminum rims
  • Hendrickson Intraax Air ride suspension with 25,000 lb axles
  • Various axle combinations available
  • Shur-Loc roll tarp
  • D.O.T. lighting, Reflective tape
  • Other custom options available - Just ask!!
Auluminator Belt Trailer
Aulick Belt Trailer Rentals

Auluminator XL Belt Trailers

1,000 lbs. savings on the Auluminator XL Trailer

Plus 1,000 lbs. more payload for bridge Equals 2,000 lbs. more payload = $$$$$$

Features & 'Specs'

  • 66”, 72” & 84” Side Heights
  • 54” Wide Belt
  • High Torque Gearbox
  • 2 15/16” Rear Drive Shaft
  • Patented Sprockets
  • Front Take-up Frame with HD Roller Bearings
  • Hydraulic Top Hinged Main Gate & Knife Gate
  • 1/4” UHMW Plastic Floor Liner
  • 3/16” HMW Full Height Side Wall Liner
  • .125 Aluminum Floor Pans
  • .090 Aluminum Side Slopes
  • Hendrickson Intraax Air Ride Suspension
  • 11Rx 22.5 Hub-Piloted Aluminum Wheels
  • Sloped Sides for Great Clean-out.
  • Extended Rear Discharge with Wings.
  • 1/4” Floor Liner
  • Fully Lined with HMW plastic
  • Main Frame and Suspension Sub-Frame are Steel.
  • Cross Stringers on 15” Centers.
  • State of the Art Hydraulic Components
  • Wall Posts 22” center
  • Slope Supports 24”
  • Aluminum Knife Gate
  • Wheels Back Axle placement eliminates the tow hook bar and rear bumper
  • Allows for a greater bridge.
  • Bolted in Z-Supports eliminates cracks.
  • Optional – 25 HP Power Unit
Auluminator XL Belt Trailer
Auluminator XL Belt Trailer

Auluminator XL Feature Gallery

Auluminator Feature Gallery

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