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Aulick Industries takes great pride in manufacturing quality products for use in the Agricultural, Oil Field, Electrical Generation, and Structural Steel Markets.

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The Construction Box was built with Half round hull to withstand the largest of debris without sustaining large damage such as a flat floor would.


The Asphalt Box is ideal for spread work and hauling everything from sand to small debris.

The Aulick Agri-Box requires no cross-chains or bows for inside support. The Dump Box open top enhances the loading and unloading of any bulk product. The "Aulick Rib" on our Dump Box adds a tremendous amount of strength and durability. The ribs are not only functional, they enhance the appearance, make it easy to clean, and there are fewer welded joints to rust.

The Landscape Box was designed for smaller load capacity ideal for single axle trucks and ease of loading with smaller equipment. Popular among landscaping industry and municipalities.

The Aulick Flatbed was designed for the ever growing need of straight truck flatbeds. Built for HD use across a vast range of industries. Most popular among freight, landscaping, and construction supply industries.