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Aulick Industries has set the new standard for Gooseneck Flatbed Trailers. Our one-of-a-kind Trademarked arch-neck design is durable and functional, offering more strength with less weight. The aesthetically appealing design also features an enclosed toolbox in the steps for secure storage, a spare tire cage under the trailer, an easy-access load binder basket to hold straps and chains, and a 2” receiver for winch.

The AULneck trailer secures your vehicle with a standard gooseneck fifth-wheel coupler. The trailers range in size from 21-ft to 37-ft. With a load capacity of 20,000 to 30,000 lbs. with dual or triple axle options. Our trailer deck height is amazingly low at 34”.

The trailers come standard with our Patented steel grid deck. This exclusive design means no more replacing rotten or broken wood decking. Once loaded, easily secure your cargo at infinite tie points on our steel grid deck. Our new smooth straight-sided rub rail offers various tie-down points and hook options. Accessing your load is also simple and secure thanks to our built-in steps at the front and rear of the trailer.

To allow secure loading and unloading of your cargo, the AULneck boasts a wide stance with heavy-duty dual landing gear upfront for stability. At the rear is our 5-foot dovetail is an uncompromisingly durable pair of aluminum ramps. (Dovetail and ramps are optional)

To make sure what you are hauling arrives at its destination, the trailer sits comfortably atop a torsion 3” axle with standard electric brakes (optional electric/Hydraulic disc brakes) and 16" low-profile tires.

And for safety, our Gooseneck Trailers come complete with full reflective tape all the way around and a sealed wiring harness with LED bullet lights to assure years of trouble-free lighting.

Our patented steel grid deck comes painted in charcoal.

Like all of our Aulick products, our AULneck trailers are built to last!

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