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Aulick Industries has a Belt Trailer Rental Program to accommodate all your agricultural needs!

Equipment Condition: Our rental trailers are usually less than 3 years old. We run virgin casing tires with no caps. Every trailer is tagged, registered, and has a current D.O.T. Inspection on file. Aulick Industries only rents a quality well-maintained trailer to ensure maximum performance for the customer. Upon trailer rental return; all trailers are inspected and brought back to original Aulick Rental Standards before they are available to rent to the next customer.

Give us a call today at 877-285-4258

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Rental Rate New

**Rent with option to buy is available with 50% rent back toward purchase of rented trailer.**

**If rented trailer is purchased within 30 days; 100% of rent credit back toward purchase of rented trailer.**

**Monthly Rental Amount is based on a maximum mileage use per month of 10,000 miles.**

**Mileage use over 10,000 miles per month will be billed at a rate of $0.30 per mile.**

*Deposit is required and will be returned after the trailer has been run through our shop. Please allow up to 60 days for deposit return. After harvest season we have 500+ trailers to check in through the shop upon return. We do our best to get this work done in a timely manner. Thank you for your understanding.*

During Harvest Months (August, September, October, and November) trailers are only available for a 3 Month Minimum Rental.

1. Completed and signed contract

Email completed application to

2. Positive credit report on file

3. Certificate of insurance showing Aulick Industries as loss payee & additional insured

4. Damage Deposit of $1,000.00

5. First Period of rent paid ahead. (Rent is always due before use periods) (automatic withdrawal available)

**Rental Rates do not include any applicable taxes**

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