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Building Quality Products Since 1952

Aulick Industries takes great pride in manufacturing quality products for use in the Agricultural, Oil Field, Electrical Generation, and Structural Steel Markets.

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Our Auluminator Aluminum Belt Trailer is lightweight, yet strong and durable. When searching for a trailer with maximum potential and a sleek clean appearance, look no further than our Auluminator. All specifications on our trailer have been designed and tested for optimum performance handling any agricultural commodity. Contact us today and put an Auluminator to the test.

The Aultimate Belt Trailer is specifically designed for easy loading, hauling, and easy unloading of any agricultural commodity.  Our self-unloading belt trailer works effortlessly to unload any bulk commodity product.  The industry unique interior design with a full-length plastic side liner allows you to easily unload any farm products.  All belt trailers are fully steel constructed.  There are many options available to customize a trailer to best suit any of your unique needs.  These durable belt trailers are built with proven quality workmanship and pride in the U.S.A.

The Aultralite Aluminum Ag Trailers are the newest member of our belt trailer models. They are manufactured to a very high standard and are the lightest trailers we offer. The Aultralite is an aerodynamic trailer that offers great fuel efficiency and maximum payload. All of the belt components and controls are identical to the other models we offer and have been proven reliable with years of use and development in real world ag applications. They require very little maintenance and they are very safe to operate. A simple hydraulic system is all that is required to power the trailer. The knife gate, main gate, b/u lights, lift axle and belt are all controlled with a wireless hand held transmitter or can be operated manually if required. Contact Us today and put an Aultralite to the test.

Aulick Industries now offers a live chain floor trailer we call the Aulchain. The Aulchain trailers are built to haul bulk farm commodities with a large volume and quick unload times.

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