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Our Aulick Truck shop specializes in used trucks and repurposed/rebuilt chassis. All trucks are serviced and inspected thoroughly, as a result, they are ready to be put to work as they leave our shop. Our Aulick Truck shop strives to make all our products mechanically sound, cosmetically appealing, and custom-built to fit all your unique needs.

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Aulick Truck Exterior Shop



Every truck is run through our body shop, where all external imperfections, from dents to scratches, are properly repaired. After this process, each truck receives a fresh paint job, from the cab to the frame rails.

Aulick Truck Suspension Shop



We specialize in fully rebuilt tandem and single axle rear suspensions, in either air-ride or spring ride. From your 46,000lb singles, we can build what you need.

Aulick Custom Truck Stretching


Custom Trucks

From stretching your truck to adding customized Deck Plates. Visit our Aulick Industries Truck Shop to see what we can do for you. 

Aulick Truck Interior Service



Interiors of many used trucks are often overlooked. Here at Aulick's, we strive to make our trucks not only mechanically perfect but cosmetically appealing as well. All interiors are fully inspected. From your gauges to your floor mats, you can be sure everything is in tip-top working order.

Aulick Truck Frame Shop



Our trucks are double framed from the front spring hanger, all the way back. Original frames are extended, if needed, with a single extension and overlaid with a full length, single-piece frame rail. We also use all-new, grade 8, fine thread flange bolt frame bolts for superior tightness and strength.

Aulick Truck Engine Shop



All trucks undergo extensive engine diagnostics as they go through the stages of the building process. This is, however, the one area of the trucks that do not get a rebuild, unless it's necessary. This helps us maintain an affordable price for our customers. All engines are inspected thoroughly, serviced, and ready to be put to work as they leave our facility.

Standard Features

  • Air brakes
  • Power steering
  • Standard 10 lug hubs/wheels
  • Radial tires
  • Reman rear ends
  • Reman rear suspension
  • 12,000 lb front suspension
  • Full C double steel frame
  • New vertical exhaust
  • All gauges and instruments are operational
  • New paint on cab and frame
  • Cab interior cleaned and detailed
  • Engine completely serviced

Optional Features Available

  • 23,000-30,000 lb single axle rear suspension
  • 40,000-54,000 lb Tandem Rear suspension
  • 12,000-18,000 lb front suspension
  • 2:73-9:19 rear-end ratio
  • Wheelbase to suit the application
  • Full cab paint in any color
  • Horizontal exhaust
  • HD front bumper
  • Auxiliary transmission/hydraulic cooler
  • Super single steer or drive tires/wheels
  • Aluminum hub/stud pilot wheels
  • Custom pintle hitch install
  • Custom body mounting
  • PTO hydraulic kits
  • Hoist kits
  • Allison automatic transmission conversions
  • Eaton 2 speed gearbox
  • Hendrickson/silent drive auxiliary axles
  • Reversible engine fan
  • Feedlot core radiator
  • Red dot A/C unit
  • Pre-filter air cleaner
Aulick Custom Trucks
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